Complete Rules


The Association wishes to welcome all unit owners and their family, tenants and guests to our community. In order for all of us to enjoy and preserve Adagio’s charm and beauty, it is imperative that all persons adhere to the following restrictions, as they may be amended from time to time by the Board of Directors.  All references in these Rules and Regulations are intended to include unit owners, their family members, tenants, guests, invitees, and all unit occupants, unless the context indicates otherwise.

Violation of the rules may result in the imposition of a fine in the amount of $100.00 per day, per violation in accordance with the Florida Statutes and condominium documents. 

  1. Occupancy Rule:   The maximum number of people to occupy a unit is set at eight (8) pool side and ten (10) gulf front, not counting children two (2) and under.  This rule was put in place to keep the amenities from being overused and is based upon occupancy rules pursuant to the national fire safety code.  This rule will be strictly enforced. 
  1. Sidewalks, Entryways and Common Elements: The streets, sidewalks, walkways, entrances, halls and stairs must not be obstructed or encumbered or used for any purpose other than ingress and egress to and from the units, nor shall any carriages, bicycles, wagons, shopping carts, chairs, benches, tables, garbage cans, supplies, containers or any other object of a similar type and nature be left therein or thereon.
  • No linens, cloths, clothing, curtain, rugs, mops, or laundry of any kind, or other articles be shaken or hung from any of the windows, doors, walkways, or entry ways, or exposed on any part of the limited common elements or common elements.  The limited common elements and the common elements shall be kept free and clear of refuse, debris and other unsightly material.
  • No person shall allow anything whatsoever to fall from the windows, walkways, entry ways, or doors of the premises, nor sweep or throw any dirt, waste or other substances out of the unit or on the common elements of the Condominium.
  1. Personal Property: Personal property of unit owners, tenants, guests, invitees or occupants shall not be stored outside their units.
  1. Parking of Vehicles: Each unit is allocated two parking spaces. Parking spaces have been provided for the parking of private passenger automobiles of owners and their guests. 
  • Parking spaces are not intended for the storage of watercraft, recreational vehicles, motor homes, trailers, semitrailers, house trailers, campers, campers, golf carts (of any kind) or inoperable licensed automobiles. No golf carts or ATVs are allowed even if licensed as “street legal” vehicles with license plates.
  • Any owner of a vehicle that exceeds the aforementioned two (2) vehicle per unit rule, will be provided an equal opportunity to secure an additional temporary parking permit to park on-site at a fee payable to the owner’s association as available or, in the alternative, find legal parking off of Adagio property on their own accord.
  • As used in these Rules and Regulations, the following definitions shall apply:

“Watercraft” means anything manufactured, designed, marketed or used as a craft for water flotation, capable of carrying one or more persons, or personal property. 

“Trailer” means any vehicle or device of any kind whatsoever which is manufactured, designed, marketed or used to be coupled to or drawn by a motor vehicle. 

“Camper” means any vehicle, vehicle attachment, vehicle topper, trailer or other enclosure or device of any kind whatsoever, manufactured, designed, marketed or used for the purpose of camping, recreation, or temporary housing of people or their personal property.

“Mobile Home” means any structure or device of any kind whatsoever, which is not self‑propelled but which is transportable as a whole or in sections, which is manufactured, designed, marketed or used as a permanent dwelling. 

“Motor Home”, “Recreational Vehicle” or “Tour Bus” means any vehicle which is self‑propelled, built on a motor vehicle chassis, and which is primarily manufactured, designed, marketed or used to provide temporary living quarters for camping, recreational or travel use.  Vehicles satisfying the foregoing criteria and which contain showers facilities, restroom facilities, and full cooking facilities shall be considered motor homes. 

“Disabled Vehicles” or “Inoperable Vehicles” shall include any vehicle, of any nature whatsoever, which is not capable of normally and safely engaging in highway travel.  Any vehicle which does not display a current license automobile tag shall also be deemed an “inoperable” vehicle.

“Golf Cart” shall include all Golf Carts, ATVs, UTVs, Gem Cars, etc… (even if street-legal)


  • No motor vehicle shall be parked anywhere on the Condominium Property, other than a designated parking space.  Parking on lawns, landscaped areas, in an area posted with a “No Parking” sign, in front of a dumpster, in a space reserved for another unit (unless permitted by the unit owner) or not within the parking lines is prohibited and any vehicle so parked will be towed at the owner’s expense.  No motor vehicle or other conveyance shall be used as a domicile or residence, either permanent or temporary.
  • Any vehicle may be prohibited from parking in the Association’s parking areas if, in the sole discretion of the Board of Directors, such vehicle is not reflective of the community’s aesthetic standards. Consistent with this rule, any vehicle, in which debris, tools, machinery or equipment are not contained in the interior of the vehicle, is prohibited from parking in the Association’s parking areas.
  • No vehicle that is not currently licensed or cannot operate on its own power shall remain on the property for more than twenty-four (24) hours. As used in this section, the term “licensed” shall mean that the vehicle displays at all times, a license tag to which is affixed a sticker indicated that the vehicle is currently registered in the State of Florida or other state.
  • Any vehicle parked or stored in violation of these Rules and Regulations shall be subject to being towed at the expense of the vehicle owner and additionally, the Association may impose a fine in accordance with the Florida Statutes and the condominium documents. 
  1. Speed Limit: The speed limit for all vehicles is 10 MPH.
  2. Refuse: Refuse and garbage shall be deposited with care in the proper containers furnished for such purposes. All garbage must be bagged.  No large items may be left outside of dumpsters or anywhere else on property.  Disposal of large items is the responsibility of each owner.
  1. Signs: No sign, advertisement, notice or other similar material shall be exhibited, displayed, inscribed, painted or affixed, in or upon any part of the units, limited common elements or common elements by any Unit Owner or occupant without written permission of the Association.
  1. Flammables: No flammable, combustible, or explosive fluid, chemical or substance, shall be kept in any unit or limited common element, except those necessary and suited for normal household use.
  1. Grills: No barbecuing or outdoors cooking of any type shall be permitted on Condominium Property except where the Association designates a place or provides facilities for such type of cooking, and then such activity may be undertaken only in conformity with the rules established for the use of such facilities. No charcoal grills, propane gas grills or smokers may be used on patios or lanais. Only electric, non-flammable grills may be used on patios or lanais.
  1. Keys and Locks: The Association shall retain pass-keys to all units. The locks of each unit are not to be changed or altered without providing the Association with a duplicate key or door code.
  1. Pets:  No one other than a Unit Owner is permitted to keep a pet on the property. Guests and tenants are not permitted to bring a pet onto the condominium property or keep a pet in a unit. The Board may impose reasonable restrictions upon how and where pets may be permitted upon the condominium property.
  1. Noise: No owner may make or permit any disturbing noises in the building or on the premises, whether made by himself, his family, friends, tenants or servants, nor do or permit anything to be done by such persons that will interfere with the rights, comforts or convenience of other tenants. Walton County has an ordinance that prohibits excessive noise after 10 P.M. Please be mindful of your neighbors and keep any noise level to a minimum, at all times, but especially after 10 P.M.
  1. Pool and Fitness Center: 
  • The pool is restricted to owners, their families, tenants, guests, invitees, and registered rental guests of the Condominium. Owners are responsible for the conduct of their children and guests while in the pool area and while going to and from the pool.
  • The pool is open from 8:00 A.M. to 10:00 P.M., so long as conduct permits the 10:00 P.M. hour.
  • Adagio does not have a life guard on duty at the swimming pools, and all persons SWIM AT THEIR OWN RISK.  
  • No bottles, glasses, or glass containers will be permitted in the pool area. All beverages and food must be in paper or plastic containers.
  • Place all trash in the appropriate garbage containers and clear all tables upon leaving.
  • Children that are not potty trained MUST wear a swim diaper with a bathing suit over it. 
  • Proper conduct is expected of all owners, their families, tenants, guests, registered rental guests of the Condominium, and licensees at all times. Rough play or poor behavior at the pool will not be tolerated.
  • Climbing on the fountain and jumping from the waterfall is NOT allowed.
  • Pool ropes, life preservers, shepherds hooks and other safety equipment are not to be removed from the pool area or played with. The pool is for the enjoyment of all.
  • No smoking in the pool and hot tub/Jacuzzi areas or around the immediate fenced areas or the amenities building.
  • Spa (hot tub) Rules: Children 4-12 must be accompanied by a parent.  Ages 21 and older after 6PM.  Further rules apply as posted by the spa area.
  • Children under the age of 16 must be accompanied by an adult to use the fitness center.
  1. Beach Use:
  • Please use the walkovers to access the beach.
  • Umbrellas and chairs are permitted on the beach; however, tents and tarps are NOT allowed. All personal belongings must be removed from the beach no later than 8:30 P.M. Items not removed by 8:30 P.M. will be subject to removal and disposal by the county.
  • NO glass or fire is permitted on the Adagio beach.
  1. Preparation of Unit: Any unit owner who plans to be absent from his unit for an extended period of time must prepare his unit prior to his departure in the following manner:
  • Remove all furniture, plants and other objects from around the outside of the unit, patio or lanai; and
  • Designate a responsible caretaker to care for his unit should his unit suffer any damage caused by storms, hurricanes, winds or other violent acts of nature.
  • The Manager and the Association shall be provided with the name of each unit owner's aforesaid designated caretaker.  
  1. Unit Owner Responsibilities Regarding the Prevention of Fungal Contaminants (Mold and Mildew): The Unit Owners must take all appropriate steps to reduce and/or eliminate the occurrence or continued existence of mold and/or mildew (collectively “mold”) growth in and around the Unit and appurtenant common elements and thereby minimize the possibility of adverse effects that may be caused by fungi, including mold. The Unit Owners’ responsibilities include, but are not limited to, the following:
  • The air conditioning system, and humidity control system if applicable, must be kept in good and working order. Whether occupied or not, the air conditioning system, and humidity control system if applicable, must be appropriately operated, when reasonably necessary, to adequately control the temperature, humidity and in-door air quality in the Unit.
  • All incidents of mold and water intrusion, including but not limited to: water spots on drywall, plumbing leaks, leaks around windows and doors, leaks from appliances, and any other leaks, or evidence of water intrusion must be immediately reported to the Association.
  • All regular and routine maintenance required to prevent water intrusion, and which is the obligation of the Unit Owner, must be timely and adequately performed. Such maintenance includes, but is not limited to: the regular inspection, cleaning and services of all appliances servicing the Unit, including the air conditioning system, humidity control system if applicable, refrigerators, and freezers; the regular maintenance and replacement of interior caulking and/or weather stripping around windows, doors, and plumbing fixtures.
  1. Association Employees: Employees of the Association are not to be engaged by Unit Owners for personal errands which are not within the scope of the applicable employee’s duties.  The Board of Directors, through the manager of the Association, shall be solely responsible for directing and supervising the Association’s employees.