Quick Reference


Welcome to Adagio!  The Owner’s Association has established rules to protect our property and for the mutual benefit of all guests and owners as they enjoy our facility.  This is an abbreviated list of the most commonly referenced rules for Adagio.

  • OCCUPANCY LIMIT: 8 people per pool side unit and 10 people per gulf front unit (not counting children 2 years old and under)
  • PARKING LIMIT: 2 vehicles per unit. If you have a third vehicle in your party, please contact the association for alternate options.  Note: no additional vehicles can be guaranteed by any party in advance.
  • SPA RULES: Children 4-12 must be accompanied by a parent.  The spa is not a kiddie pool.  Spa is limited to Ages 21 and older after 6 PM.  Please be considerate of others.  Further rules apply as posted in the spa area.
  • NO LIFEGUARD is on duty for either the pool areas or the beach. SWIM AT YOUR OWN RISK.
  • NO GLASS of any kind is permitted within the pool areas or on the beach
  • SMOKING is NOT permitted within the pool and/or spa areas, around the fence to these areas or in the common areas of the buildings (i.e, garages, hallways, stairwells, elevators etc...)
  • BICYCLE PARKING is provided at the stairwells of pool side buildings and in the garages of gulf front buildings. If parking is full on pool side buildings, please park your bicycle under one of the gulf front buildings in the striped area provided.  Do not lock bikes to trees, columns, or railings.  They will be removed.
  • BALCONIES:  Do not hang anything (towels, clothes, etc.) off of balconies.  Do not throw anything from the balconies.
  • OUTDOOR COOKING is only permitted in one of four (4) designated grill areas on the property.  No cooking patios or balconies.
  • GARBAGE:  Do not leave your garbage in the hallways or parking garages.  There are seven dumpsters on site.  Do not leave bags or items outside of the dumpsters.
  • HALLWAYS:  Do not leave personal items in the hallway (shoes, beach chairs, toys, boards, etc...)
  • PETS:  Only Adagio owners are permitted to bring pets to Adagio.  Owner guests may not bring pets.
  • NOISE:  No noise is permitted that would disturb your neighbors; especially after 10 m. pursuant to Walton County Ordinance.
  • FIRE & FIREWORKS:  No fires are permitted on Adagio's beach.  County beach fire permits do not supersede this restriction.  No fireworks on Adagio property.

It is your responsibility to familiarize yourself with these rules.  Please enjoy your stay at Adagio.